Teaching my Almost Teenager

Teaching my Almost Teenager

Hello my Fabulous Readers.  So how are we suppose to teach our almost teenagers about just being a good person.  He takes everything I say right now and turns it totally around to mean the opposite.  I’m sure all your kids have done it or doing it too.


This brings us to the third strategy.  No excuses..

Don’t Make Excuses. Sometimes parents enable their kid’s poor performance in school by laying the blame on that child’s disability or situation. Instead, parents ought to expect teens to be responsible for their own education, while keeping such expectations reasonable. “Parents should also set the example for their kids,” says Messersmith. “No double standards.”

My son is notorious for saying “Mom that isn’t homework my teacher wants us to do it tomorrow.”.  Uggggh really!!!!  So I did the only logical thing and called the teacher who said, “No I want him to complete the papers I send home with him.”.  Of course now he doesn’t have any electronics until his grades are up but he learned that I’m going to do my research.

Almost Teenagers try to Get Away with everything

I think another thing my son believes is that I will ask him first what he did to make the situation bad.  Some parents going around saying it’s the teachers fault or the teacher doesn’t like my kid.  I don’t care if they like my kid or not just do your work and get it done right.

In the workplace we may not always like the person we are working with at the time but as a professional you do your work.  I remember a time when I was working on a nursing floor as the Unit Director.  One of the nurses came up to me and asked if she was my favorite nurse on the floor.  I said of course you are because everyone is my favorite.  If she did that at work think about all the kids going to a teacher and asking that same question.  I would pulled my hair out and go screaming.

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I know we are suppose to trust and believe in our kids.  He is 12 and trying to see what I will believe and what I won’t believe.  Testing is the word I’m looking for and I believe that is something we need to teach.  Teaching my almost teenager is so hard to do with no instructions.