Talking With Toddlers: Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond

 Toddler Parenting Tips Presentation: Unusual Tips to Effective Parenting

Talking with Toddlers

Talking with Toddlers is difficult and this wonderful tool helps parents understand as well as communicate with their toddlers.
“How to deal with behavior problems in children by Chris Thompson – Author, Parenting Expert and Certified NLP Practitioner”

Free Talking with Toddlers Video will Teach

  • The only real reason your kids are not already well behaved.
  • How most parents talk to their kids, causing them to do exactly what you don’t want them to do.
  • Crucial emotional bridge you MUST establish with your child before you try to change their behavior.
  • That one word you are probably abusing, which triggers those awful temper tantrums.

4 Factors to Help to Talk with Toddlers

1.  Behavior is Driven by EMOTION, NOT LOGIC

This is the most fundamental process for a parent to understand when trying to talk to your child.  All peoples behavior is based on their emotional state and they can justify their actions with logic.  Toddlers have no idea how to use logic to justify their actions so they act purely from emotion.  So when you are talking with toddlers you as the adult have to remember to keep that in mind.

2.  We as parents overuse the word “NO” when talking with toddlers.

This causes big problems with the toddlers behavior.  If you always say NO the toddler will respond by not listening to any of the No’s.  A good example is natural consequences and I don’t mean the kind that can hurt. In the free video you will learn how to utilize other methods instead of always yelling “NO”.

3.  Rapport is another way to influence your Toddlers behavior

This simply means having an emotional connection with your child.  This is a critical emotional bridge that needs to be created in order to deal with the behavioral issues.  In the video talking with toddlers you will learn several methods on how to build your rapport with your toddler.

4.  Language is a powerful tool.

In this wonderful video that is free you will learn great strategies to use positive language.  You can also get Audio Lessons for free.  You’ll learn the most common mistakes parents do that make their children actually do the complete opposite.  As a parent who made this mistake my son at 12 still does the opposite.

 Talking with Toddlers