Scrubs by Tafford Uniforms – Online Medical Professional Store

Cherokee Scrubs On Sale Now @Tafford!

Tafford Uniforms is an online medical professional store that provides comfortable and functional scrubs. This online store also provides accessories for medical professionals. I have shopped at Tafford Uniforms several times and never had to return an item.

The scrubs come from the popular brands to include Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, Peaches, and WonderWink. There is a wide selection of style, quality, and value. The scrubs comfortable and inexpensive which is always great when working a long shift.

Scrubs and Equipment

Customer service is what Tafford Uniforms provides with fast shipping and reliability. This company makes it easy to be a one stop shop for medical professionals. We can get all our working supplies in one place. For example a stethoscope, medical scissors, and blood pressure cuff. All colors and styles are available.

Comfortable Scrubs

As a nurse working long 12 hour shifts in the hospital the most important thing for me was being in comfortable scrubs and shoes. Tafford Uniforms offers both those selections.  I don’t have time to go shopping for scrubs so the online option is always great. The next great thing is that these are wash and wear uniforms. Really no one wants to iron anymore because it takes time for sleep and eating.


I like the ability to have variety when shopping online because each brand has a different style or color. Tafford Uniforms gives me the opportunity to pick scrubs with back pockets or front pockets. I have a bright pink scrub set and I have printed scrub tops it just depends on my mood which one I put on that day.  Choices are always fun.

Next best thing to shopping online for products is that there isn’t a line to wait in to pay.  This is the way to shop.  We also shop as a team with my nursing co-workers so on certain days we are all wearing the same color or design that we bought from Tafford Uniforms.  It is a great way to show team spirit.