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This is a Fantastic Retail Online Pet Supply  Company that has cool and unique items that every pet owner needs.  Petupdown is the leading global online pet supplier for Cats and Dogs and it is growing every day.


This online supplier provides a wide range of high quality and trendy pet products with low factory prices.  Like the old saying goes “the more you buy the more you save”.

Top 4 reasons to shop at Petupdown

  1. One of the world’s largest per supply catalogs on trendsetting high quality products and styles
  2. New pet supply items are added every day
  3. Experienced buyers constantly search for fashionable clothing
  4. The product line is over 200,000 at the lowest possible online prices

Type of Pet Supply

  • AccessoriesPet Supply
  • Beds
  • Collars and Apparels
  • Crates & Homes
  • Strollers
  • Pet Care
  • Toys

Doglemi Indian Foldable Pet TentCool Tents that can be folded and taken with you on trips. The tents can be used by either cats or dogs.  I believe these tents would be a cute addition to any area in your house.  This is definitely a conversation starter for you and your guests at home. I have been in several homes with pets and I have never seen a cute little tent in any of them.



Doglemi Two Way Double Nylon Dog Leash

People who have two dogs really will appreciate this type of leash.I have  2 little Chihuahuas and when I use to take them for walks they always went separate ways confusing the leash and causing me to trip.  Since getting this leash I can walk them and it is so much easier.;  They both walk side by side and sometimes I have to pick up Sushi because Hazel walks faster.