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The Reiki technique is a principle of an unseen life force energy. It is the practice of laying your hands on an area of the body and allowing the life force energy to flow freely from people. People feel alive and have less pain after experiencing Reiki.

It is thought when energy is low, people are more likely to be ill or stressed. Whereas when your energy is high, you are likely to be well and happy. Treatments produce feelings of peace, security and wellness. These treatments have helped millions of people around the world.


What are the benefits of Reiki??

Reiki therapy is beneficial for helping a person to heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Benefits of Reiki is treating old emotional scars. Additionally, emotional pain is released as stress and anxieties are relieved. Physical tension can be reduced as energy blocks are removed and muscles are relaxed during Reiki therapy. Reiki therapy may not completely resolve a painful condition. Although it helps to relax a person and improves the ability to cope with pain of the condition.

Studies demonstrate the Reiki therapy decreases pain and anxiety in patients having surgical procedure. Reiki has helped patients to feel less tired and has contributed to reduce their pain and anxiety.

Reiki therapy produces less side effects and is considered effective. As the therapy involves a very light or no touch, it can be beneficial for patients. Especially those patients who have a high degree of pain or cannot be touched.

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Home Study Course

  • Will help you become a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Includes Distant Attunements to all 3 Levels of Reiki
  • It includes Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and RMT Certification
  • Also includes Animal Reiki Level 1, Animal Reiki Level 2 and Animal RMT Certification
  • Includes Manuals and Practical Exercises
  • No Travel, Hotel or Lost Work or Vacation Days
  • Study at your own Pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home


Join the Reiki Healing Association you will be in one of the Fastest Growing Global Communities.  Also, this is a community of people that enjoy helping people feel better. These are Caring Like Minded Professional Reiki Practitioners & Reiki Masters/Teachers!

You can add Your Reiki Practice Details to our Reiki Practitioner Directory. Also you will have access to promotional logo’s, Manuals and Membership Certificates. You will have access to special discounted Reiki Indemnity Insurance Providers. For a bonus you will get Reiki Marketing Training. And learn how to attract more Reiki clients and Reiki students.

RMT Premium Training ToolKit

  • You receive a Complete Reiki Training Toolkit with Master Resell Rights
  • There are Editable Reiki Manuals with Resale Rights
  • Add your students names to the Editable Reiki Certificates with Resale Rights
  • Editable Reiki PowerPoint Templates with Resale Rights
  • 120+ Bonus Mind Body Spirit Packages with Resale Rights
  • How to Re-brand, Edit and Resell Training Included
  • Regular Updates
  • Sell or Give Away to Your Own Students
  • Keep ALL the Profit for Yourself

If you want to be a Reiki Master and Educator this is the store you should shop for the products you need.  Finally, you can become a Reiki Master and help people with conditions by applying your healing hands. You will be able to teach others what you have learned and create a community of Reiki Masters in your community.