It’s Time for My Life – Positive Thoughts

It’s Time for My Life


Positive ThoughtsWOW!!!!  That is a Powerful Picture and Statement.  We need to come to the realization that it is time for my life to start and living for ourselves.  Today we need more Positive Thoughts than negative thoughts.

Everyone is piping up saying “Pay It Forward”. It is an awesome way to live but we have to start by paying it forward to ourselves too. If we don’t start looking out for #1 and being just a little more selfish then we will have regrets.

Here is an awesome book that helps you get to the point of living to live your life. Having positive thoughts about life is what makes the hard times easier to deal with when it happens.

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Lets talk about what this awesome motivational book has to offer us when it comes to making our lives better. Did you know that we talk to ourselves about 50,000 times each day?  I didn’t know that and about 80% of those conversations are negative.

Well this amazing book has inspirational and motivating ideas to change those conversations into positive thoughts.  Thoughts are not easily removed but they certainly can be replaced.


There are over 2500 actions, options, inspirations, tasks, and ideas that can transform your life at this site.  You can use one or several to accomplish your need for positive thoughts and energy daily.  These wonderful inspirations will replace the negative thoughts in your head and to positive thoughts.

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Reading a phrase, idea, or even completing a task is a great way to start each day.  A positive start to your day makes the rest of your day go well.  I always wake up choosing my attitude.  Every morning I choose to be FABULOUS and POSITIVE.  It’s a way of life.  This book will help accomplish that task every day.

Positive ThoughtsThere is access to videos, websites, book, humor and music links available as a weekly bonus on this site. This is my go to site to make my day more positive. This is a great gift to give at Christmas to a friend or family member that you know is negative and needs to have more positive thoughts in their life. 


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