My Almost Teenager Last Night Was Difficult

Another Wonderful Day with my Almost Teenager

Another wonderful day in paradise with my almost Teenager.  He was generally good and did what I asked before school today.  As always I get him out on time so he isn’t late to school.  I think we call it coaching him out the door.  He convinced me that he had to have his cell phone for a class today.  I let him take it even though he doesn’t have As in any of his classes but Gym.

Next errand was to take may dad home after dropping off his car to get detailed.  My mom hit a little curb and made a few scratches on the front bumper.  Which of course means I will have to pick him up later to get the car.  Not a big deal my parents are always there when I need them.  I love to help them when I can because they do so much for me and my son.

So I took the day off from work because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and some days it is just hard for me to move.  My pain is generally managed well with my Enbrel medication I take weekly but this week I have been in lots of pain.  It’s hard to be a nurse and in pain.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t look or act sick I just say “I’m hurting”. Sometimes that can lead to people not believing that I have a physical disability that makes me hurt.

I went to the doctors office to schedule that wonderful test we all have to get a 50.  Yep you got it a colonoscopy.  Ugh that should be fun.  I do get a day off of work for it.  But lets not forget what I’m blogging about.  My son.

Picking Him Up from School

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So I get a text at 2:30 when I’m suppose to pick him up at school at 3 pm.  He says pick me up at 4 I have sectionals with my percussion group for band.  I’m like thinking great I can get groceries and then pick him up.  My dad needs a ride to get his car I dropped off earlier and everything is working out perfect.

I pick my son up in front of the school and he has another little boy with him that needs a ride home from school.  Of course I give it to him because he has to walk a long way to home.  My son and Martin are talking in the back of the car about lots of things and one is my sons grades.

Report Card and Good Grades

You see I’ve tried every way to motivate my son in getting good grades. The new way is that if he brings home a 100 on his work I will give him $5.00 and if he brings a 90 or better he gets $2. Martin told my son he was lucky and he would be trying to get all 100s. My son said I’m trying a little.  UGH no intuitive what do I do??????

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So this would be a great report card but not what he gets.  Any ideas on how I can get him more involved in being successful? I have already taken everything but regular TV away from him.  He is in the band and he is a competitive swimmer so I keep him busy too. Please share your thoughts……

So here is what happened last night. I let him drink a caffeinated sweet tea around 9 pm and he couldn’t sleep.  His heart was going a little faster than normal and he said he was having trouble breathing. He was anxious.  We were up until 0045 and then he ended up falling asleep in my bed.  At 0330 he woke me up again and went to the bathroom.  So he crawled over me and turned on lights.  He finally went back to his bed because he said I snored to loud.  We will always be parents and they will always need us but damn it was hard to stay awake today. I did get a nap though.

Kids Bluntness

Kids his age are also very blunt. I made a chicken spaghetti casserole for dinner. He asked me if it was the first time I had made it, when I said yes he said, “Yeah I could tell it doesn’t taste very good”. I said thanks for being honest and he made himself canned spaghetti and meatballs.

This single motherhood job is the hardest thing in the world to do. I don’t know if I’m doing it right and I won’t know until he grows up. Today he said “I love you mom” and I got a hug so maybe I’m not so bad.

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