My Almost Teenager and School

Keeping in Touch with my Almost Teenager

Lets catch up from last week. I need to blog more often about my amazing almost teenager. I am continuing with the steps in the previous blog.  We are on Step 2.

Almost teenager

Communicate – Parents should be aware of what is going on at school and what assignments their children have been given. Larsen advises parents to communicate regularly with teachers about their child’s progress. “Teachers want your child to succeed as much as you do.”

Last week I called his English teacher and asked how is he doing in class because I noticed his grade is dropping. His English teacher told me he is so smart and just needs to focus on completing his work in class. She also said he has 3 assignments from class he hasn’t finished. She asked if he could stay after school to complete his work. I stated of course and he will be there tomorrow.

I am concerned because there is a kid named Jeff who stays in trouble with the teachers, other kids and is never focused. Jeff is in my sons English class and he appears to be friends with him. We as parents can’t pick their friends but we can certainly make it difficult for them to stay friends. The only time they communicate when they aren’t in school is through the Xbox. I have restricted the Xbox due to his dropping grades in English.

Leaving him in Class

My mom thinks I should maybe remove him from the class so he isn’t in contact with Jeff during school hours. I believe there will always be people in his life that are like Jeff and he needs to learn how to work around those type of people. Of course as parents we never know if the decision we make today will change their lives in the future.

There isn’t a book that comes with our kids when we receive our blessings. We make mistakes too. I’m leaving him in the class and giving him access to electronics as his grades improve.  He is going to come into contact with bad influences throughout his life and he needs to learn how to adjust his communication styles to tolerate those people.

For this week I will be continuing the first step of Paying Attention and Communicating. I am adding the third which is not making excuses for his mistakes. He needs to be accountable and learn the consequences of his actions. I need to be strong and not give in to him when he wants his electronics.  Mean what I say and do what I mean. I don’t want to confuse him.

Blog Soon!!