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 Life Thoughts

Hello all my Fabulous Readers. I turned 50 this year and realized I’m the new 40. Oh my goodness time flies when you’re having fun. I’m ready to live the second half of my life. The first half had lots of bumps, potholes, and construction work along the way.

Positive ThoughtsWe start out in life really strong because we have to find ourselves and get started in life like our parents have showed us.  Usually its college, marriage, career, house, and kids.  Well, I did my life in a different order but about the same.  I added two marriages and two divorces in the mix.  Trying to keep things simple it didn’t work. I am blessed with the love of my life and he is now 12 years old  and he is my everything.  More about him in my future blogs.

I’m going to start from a few years back when I got my second divorce.  Yep everyone does it as they are sitting and having a cup of coffee they think.  “Man if I knew what I know now I wouldn’t have done that.”. I did that when I asked my 2nd husband for a divorce.  So I have decided I’m not really good at the marrying thing.

Starting My Dating Journey

My ex husband is a nice guy and has a great personality but he is just not the right fit for me.  After 17 years our marriage was over. Sure he wanted to work things out by going to a counselor and talking though things which I tried to appease him. It didn’t work because face it my mind was made up and I was done.

Men sometimes don’t realize when a woman has thought things through and has made up her mind she has probably been thinking about it for months possibly years. So our decision is usually unbreakable and that is what we want.

Now starts the fun.  I waited about a year before I started dating guys after my divorce. Trying to figure myself out and get to know me again took a while.  I never was looking for something serious just someone to spend time with and have sex occasionally.

Where do I start?  I can’t go to bars I have an 7 year old son who would watch him plus I’m a nurse and I don’t want to be risky.  So I started going to dating web sites.  WOW there is a whole another world inside the internet and it’s scary.

I’ll blog later about all that stuff.

For Now have a Great Day and Blog Soon!!

Fabulous Nancy