Learn Portuguese With Rocket Portuguese!

Learning Portuguese

This Award Winning System That Gets You Speaking Portuguese & Loving the Portuguese Culture

Learning Portuguese

(And the best thing is – it only takes minutes a day)

Learning a new language and culture can be very difficult however with this program you can learn Portuguese quickly.  You also get great services to include:

  • You get instant access to a 24/7 lifetime trial of Rocket Portuguese
  • No credit card required
  • No Obligation Rocket Portuguese Offers these great tools for you to use all your senses while learning.

Interactive Audio Lessons – Perfect for learning Portuguese in the car and the easiest way to get started when learning a new language. Hear it and repeat it.

Language and Culture Lessons – Learn the finer points of grammar and culture in your new language to increase your fluency. Understanding the culture makes it easier for learning Portuguese.

5 Recall – enhancing testing tools – These tools help you to see if you truly know the material and train you to have real world conversations.

Built-in pronunciation practice – Gives you the ability to practice your pronunciation and matching it with the tutor for a perfect accent.

Mobile App – Learning Portuguese on the go by syncing all your devices with the mobile app.  Rocket mobile app is available for Android or iOS systems. Your progress will move across the devices.

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Flash Cards – Have Fun!!! Like when you were in school we got flash cards to remember certain words or phrases. Old school learning techniques are always great when learning Portuguese.

Progress Tracking – Keep track of your lessons and see how far you have gotten in learning Portuguese. Remember you will be able to go back to previous lessons you were having problems with comprehending.

Members Forum – Chat with other students learning Portuguese as well as your tutors and the Rocket staff in the Forum.

Lifetime Access – Access to help and course work to your selected courses 7/24.

After Hours Chat Help – If you need help throughout your course work and its after hours there is always a chat box in the right hand corner.

 Built on practical success strategies

  • Learning Portuguese using modern scientific learning methods
  • Uses the top 7 practical success strategies successful Portuguese learners use
  • You get the experience of over 10 years of research and development