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Good Morning – Coffee is a Life Saver

So who out there feels like this every morning and throughout the day????? Coffee can always make it better.

So yesterday afternoon I was walking in the house with my hands completely full of stuff.  My son looked at me and said “Hey Mom can you get my shoes”.  I don’t think he was really looking at me just looking at the fact that I walked in the house.

Kids with electronics

What is wrong with our children these days?  I know they have way to much entertainment and because we are so busy we don’t have the energy to monitor them like our parents.  I mean really what is the difference between them watching Youtube gamers and us watching Bugs Bunny.  When you sit down and really analyze it there isn’t much except they can get it on every device and use a headset.  My son can block out the world with the headset on his ears.


So discipline is easy I take the headset when he isn’t listening.  ALL THE TIME.  Then we just go down the list of his electronics of what he has to give up next.  The headset however is his whole world.  He can play, listen, and talk to his classmates on the Xbox with his headset.  If I got to start over after knowing what I know today I think the only electronic we would have in our house would be cable TV.  I even think I would stick with the corded phone if I could find one.  We have a house phone that has 3 receivers and there is always one that is lost.

I believe we as the parents of children today have it so much harder than our parents and our grandparents. This electronic society we have created is not getting better but worse.

Just Me and Coffee Reflecting in the Morning

I went on a date the other day with my amazing boyfriend and as I looked around the restaurant I saw electronics. There were couples on dates and they were not talking to each other but looking down at their cell phones. Children at the tables had tablets or cell phones. Everyone is really eating alone. The Restaurant was quite though and I could hear my boyfriend talking to me but all I could think about was how sad it was that no one else was talking.

Envy Stoe

Where are we going from here?????? Kids today use electronics in school too. So I took my sons Ipad away and the next day he came home from school with an Ipad they gave him. It is like we are fighting a losing battle. The Ipad from school didn’t block the internet because he needs that so he can access his books. Hopefully he will grow up and be a successful engineer and ask these same questions when he is raising his family.

What are your thoughts??????

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