Free Dating Online Advice Part #1 – For Women

A Little About Me

Hello My Friends out there in the internet world.  Hope things are well. Just a few fun things about my dating online experiences and what I learned. I’ve had super crazy dating experiences after my second divorce and I’m sure a lot of you have had them too. I wish I would have had free dating online advice.

When I got divorced in 2011 I told myself I’m never getting remarried. I have be married twice and I know when I’m not good at something.  So with that mindset in place I started trying the internet dating sites.

I waited about a year after my divorce when I started investing my time to dating.  The websites out there are full of crazy men but among them are a few good guys. Before starting I wish I would have had some free online dating advice but it wasn’t out there yet. I remember going out on one date with a guy named Chris who told me that he thought modern medicine was a hoax. He actually said that if he had appendicitis he would go in the desert and wait for the angels to heal him.  If they didn’t it was meant for him to die. Little scary to me.

Free Dating Online Advice

Free Dating online advice

While dating online I learn some things about going on dates. You see I reentered the dating world when I was 45. Dating has changed quite a bit since I was 27. This is the time where some free dating online advice would have come in handy.

  • Always meet your date at a public place
  • Drive separate cars
  • Have an out card which means have a friend text to see if your ok
  • Always have money just in case
  • Never share your home address on the first few dates

Always be prepared to have to pay for your meal too. Apparently men today on the first date or several dates later they expect you either to pay for them or go dutch.  Really a big turn off to me. But then again when it happened I certainly didn’t feel obligated to see him again or kiss him good night.

The guys I went out with expected more than a kiss on the cheek after paying for a dinner. Unbelievable.

Rick the Cheap Date

I met Rick at a nice steak house for dinner at 5 pm.  He seemed nice and we had a great conversation before the waitress got there.  She asked us what we would like to drink and I got a Sprite.  The waitress then asked if we would like an appetizer and he said “No” without consulting me. I thought in my head not good.

As we were looking through the menu he mentioned the cheaper items and not the steaks.  I again thought what an idiot. Why would you ask me to a steak house and not think I would order a steak. I never said the guys I went on dates with were smart.

Free Dating onlineSo of course I ordered a steak but only the 8 oz not bad.  He ordered the chicken I believe. We were talking and getting to know each other and our meals arrived.  I must say the only reason he is memorable after 5 years is because of what he did next. He asked the waitress to split the check and he wouldn’t be paying for the dessert.

I was appalled. Then I thought maybe he isn’t all into me and just wants to end the date. I didn’t order any dessert and I paid for my steak. By the way he paid for my Sprite. Just letting you know. The waitress winked at me like saying “What a Loser”. I nodded because you know as women we have that sense about each other.

So he walks me to my car and we are not holding hands. I actually avoided that by holding my purse with both hands.  Great tip to get out of holding hands. He leans into me to kiss me and I gave him my cheek.  Then he asked when he could see me again. I told him I would text him. Never gave him a second chance and I am glad.

I’ll blog again about Tom and more free online dating advice.

Thanks for Reading

Fabulous Nancy