Free Dating Online Advice

Free Dating Online Advice

Last One lets get Positive Next

Alex was really different. He seemed really nice when we were talking online so I went to the next step and gave him my cell number so we could text or talk.  Alex told me he was a truck driver that actually lived in my city.

Alex seemed intelligent but had a chip on his shoulder which I didn’t get at first.  It was clear that he didn’t like certain people and thought he was better than others. He didn’t think women should be in the workforce or go to college.

I didn’t see any of that on our first date.  He met me at Panda Express and I was not expecting that at all.  He actually did pay for lunch but then decided I should kiss him.  The attraction was not there so when he came in for a kiss I gave him my cheek. He got rather upset.

He called me for a second date and I politely said “No.”.  That is when I could tell he was not a happy with me. He said, “This is exactly why women should not be working or go to college they believe they are better than men.”.  I kept listening for about 5 minutes when I said, “I don’t believe I am better than anyone however I know I am better than you because you appear to be ignorant.”. He yelled lots of profanities and I hung up.

Ladies we are not objects and we shouldn’t be treated as such. We are able and willing to become what we choose to become without permission. Men are  suppose to be our partners and encourage us to do the best.

My piece of advice for today is very simple.


Free Online Dating Advice


Every day is a new opportunity to wake up and be you and fabulous.  I choose my attitude and I stopped letting someone choose for me.  Strength and courage is what I have to offer in a relationship.  Never do I compromise my beliefs in myself. I did it and it wasn’t fun.

Sometimes we have to be fabulous and shop to make us get there. I have learned that I can make others be fabulous just by being fabulous myself. Finding your match sometimes is as easy as changing your attitude.

Going forward I will be blogging about all kind of things and how life makes it a little hard to be fabulous.  Also I will give you tips on how to make being fabulous contagious.