Football Season – Create a Fantasy Sport Site

Hello everyone lets get talking about our crazy significant others who drool when they hear the word FOOTBALL 

Like OMG my boyfriend becomes a totally different guy.  I bet you have the same problems as well.  Really if his favorite football team (Dallas Cowboys) is playing I could walk across the living room with a nightie and he would probably wave his hand so I would move out of the way. Really funny and crazy right.

However, lately I’ve noticed he’s actually watching more football and getting excited over players on different teams.  I was thinking he is either a fanatic or I’m not as interesting as football.  So of course I thought he is just a crazy old guy who wants to watch every game on TV.  Then I asked the question, “Why are you so excited that the quarterback from the Green Bay Packers is doing so well?”  He smiled at me and said “Oh, it’s because I play fantasy football now.”

Now What Do I Do??

Why would anyone want to play pretend football. Like he doesn’t have enough football in his life with a game almost everyday of the week.  It made no sense to me and maybe it’s just because I’m a chick but I just didn’t get it. That’s when he started telling me how it works and showed me this awesome web page that can help someone create their own fantasy sports site.

There is a market out there for this because it isn’t just for football.  This particular program can be used for all sports.  I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t go crazy and try to do this for every sport out there.

But as a good girlfriend I sit  on the coach and watch him yell at the TV as well as at the coaches all of which can’t hear him yell. Sometimes I wonder maybe I should have this great stress reliever.  So then I decided this year I think he’s going to have to teach me about goals and touchdowns.  That’s going to make him crazy.  I hope the next time I have a nightie on he’s not thinking about football.