300 Creative Dates that will Impress

Creative Dates

300 Creative Dates is a collection of inexpensive dates that will impress anyone you take out on a date.  It’s not the asking do you want to go on a date it’s what are we going to do to make it a memorable date.

The second and third dates are just as important as the first date.  I have had several dates but the one I remember is when my boyfriend asked me to meet him at a scenic place in my town and he we ate a Subway sandwich. We sat in his car for over an hour just talking about our lives and there wasn’t any pressure it was just nice.

He is always surprising me with different types of dates and we have been dating over 3 years.  I wonder though if he has this 300 Creative Dates e-book since his ideas are so unique.

Going out to a movie is one of the most popular second dates but it is definitely the worst.  This date shouldn’t happen until after you’ve been dating a while.  If it is your choice for a second date you may not get that fourth or fifth date.  I feel the movie date is a way to shut down getting to know the person you are going out with on the date.

Another popular second date is out to dinner.  This is a high pressure kind of date because you are both on the spot.  It’s not very memorable and if neither of you know what to say or how to start a conversation it’s over.  No kiss for sure on the lips after this date.  You might get a kiss on the cheek but probably not a text later that night.

300 Creative Dates 

This E-book will ignite your imagination which will make all your dates memorable without spending lots of money.  Face it guys we as women want you to be spontaneous and different than any of the other guys.

300 Creative Dates is not only for the newly dating couple but also to reinvent the long term dating couple.  If you have been dating a long time and all you do is meet and go out to dinner things are getting stale and it’s time to revive that fun.

300 Creative Dates has specific dates for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and vacation dates.  There is also a section for the long distance relationships.  There are 8 different ways to ask someone out on a date why do it the normal way be creative.

This e-book also has a wonderful section on the do’s and don’ts of dating.  Of course we have all had it those horrible dates that never end.  300 Creative Dates goes over some dating disasters so you don’t make the same type of mistakes.

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