Free Dating Online Advice – Part 2 Tom – Scam

Free Dating Online Advice

2nd Date Online

Tom was my 2nd guy I went out on a date with who I met online. He was definitely one of the weirdest guys I went out with in years.  I do have to say though he made it memorable and I got smarter about the scam artist.

So I was trolling on the online dating sites.  Apparently that;’s the word they use.  I didn’t know that at the time.  I got a ping from this rather handsome guy named Tom.  He stated that he saw my profile and thought I was interesting.  he also told me I was beautiful.  At that time in my life I was vulnerable so I believed him.

Free Dating online

He told me that he was a contracted oversea. Watch those kind of words because its a scam.  He was not going to be online long because they get kicked out of the dating services quickly.  I didn’t know better.  He asked me for my cell number so we can text.  I gave it to him willingly another scam move to watch for. Then he started to call me long distance. He was really buttering me up but I was naive and didn’t know better.

He started of course telling me everything my ex husband didn’t and making me feel good.  I was beautiful, my smile melts his heart, my voice is sexy, and I’m smart.  Remember I’ve never seen the guy and all I’ve seen is pictures.

When he started calling me and I started listening to his accent he didn’t sound American.  He sentence structure was completely off.  He wound use the wrong words at the wrong times.  He flirted well but something just wasn’t right.  When he texted and sent pictures I was seeing the same thing.

The Scam Finally

Dating ScamThen started the sob story about he lost his wife and is the sole provided for his son.  He took him to China because of work and now he can’t get out because his boss left him stranded there.  Here it comes ladies.  “Can I borrow $5000 so I can get out of China with my son.”.  He worked hard up until that point.  Telling me he loved me and couldn’t wait to meet me when he got home.  I told him I was poor and I didn’t have any money.

That didn’t stop him.  He started to tell me how to get a loan or ask my parents to give him some money.  I started asking questions about his accent and he got really offended and said things like I didn’t trust him or his accent comes from travelling all the time.

I told him again I was poor and I couldn’t help him get back to the States. He said Ok for me to keep trying.  He called one more time and I told him that he was a scam artist and I believe he was over in Africa praying on lonely women to steal their money.  He never called back but he did email me a couple of times.  I just totally ignored him.  I chalked it up to experience.

Then there was Alex part 3

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